Boring, yet a productive day

So many things need to be done in my room/closet. But I can’t do anything right now.
I need a bigger bed (mattress actually); that’s on hold. I need a desk to put my laptop and other supplies (also a chair); mom is using the desk I need. She’s going to give it to me when she gets a new one. She likes “new” things, I prefer used. Her computer is taking up the whole desk; but she has expensive tastes. Instead of buying a simple desk ($20-$50), she needs a desk that does everything. It’s funny, every time she gets those kind of desks, she always underestimates the room she has; so it’s a tight fit. She’ll pay up to $250 for a desk.
So basically, my room is out of order. I need the desk for my supplies, and a work area; mom is using the desk until she gets a new one. A $250 desk is over the budget at the moment. Same thing pretty much with the bed.
I clean/organize my room about every week. Today I organized everything (nightstand and drawers, dresser drawers, shoes, bank statements, receipts, and some clothes). I got overwhelmed with the closet so it’s still a wreck. It would also help if I had a Dyson vacuum (about $500). We’ve been through several vacuums. The pet hair is the problem (2 cats, 1 dog, and 1 bird). It’s frustrating.

I’ve been letting my library books go past-due. Probably have a $1 fine now. It’s very rare I get fines. I’m a bookworm; I read all the time. But lately I’ve been preoccupied with other things (Tumblr, Sudoku puzzles, and sleeping). I’ll have to do something about that. I seem to have a problem with moderation.

Nothing else really happened today. Nothing ever does.