My Uncertain Encounter with Michael Angarano

I think Michael Angarano served me popcorn at a movie theater a couple years ago. Well, it looked like him, but that doesn’t make any sense – him being kind of a big movie star working at a mediocre job (no offense to regular people working those jobs); unless he was on the TV show, ”I Get That A Lot…”, but I don’t recall an episode of him. I swear this guy was the spitting image of him – same smile and everything. I started to say something but I was kind of running late for whatever movie I was there to see at the time. I should have asked him if he indeed was Michael Angarano – no, I should have told him he looked just like Michael Angarano. I also should have gotten a picture of him but my hands were full with food, and I was running a little late. Damn.
If I ever meet Michael Angarano I’ll have to ask him if he ever happened to have worked at a certain movie theater serving food some years back.

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